I'm not sure why I vanished when I did, but while I was away I wrote a column (and did some Art) about using Castle Crashers as a framework for tabletop RPG madness. As such, I share.

Dragon Magazine: Railroad to AwesomeTown

I apparently can only exist on 3 sites at a time before reaching critical mass. As someone who's been on NewGrounds since Sloth cartoons were all the rage, this is me waving hello before potentially vanishing into the void again. I don't mean to, but it happens.
"who hopes the next leap will be the Leap home"

Castle Crashers + Dungeons & Dragons: I am a Nerd.

I swear, I didn't think anybody from NG would show up when the call for requests came in, hence I didn't pimp the thing when I started. Since I was wrong, here's the damn thing, finished.
In a nutshell: I took some requests and painted for a straight week like a crazy person. It's my version of Community Service, really.
Click Here for Art Crash 2010
Enjoy the Random Share...I figured it qualified as interesting enough to dethrone the old news post that was gathering dust.

Art Crash 2010 Concludes...

Still not sure how to use the NG news page (or if anyone ever reads this) but why was this Monday awesome? Because a weird project I got hired for last year finally went live. Check it out, if you're into that kind of thing.


I feel like its the first time all over again..

2010-02-20 20:54:51 by RatsInTheWall

Seriously. It's totally weird to be uploading art to the Art Portal (sort of, if I understand how it works correctly). I mean, I've thrown myself out on the internet for like 6 years now. It pays my rent. And STILL I'm having a hard time figuring out what to upload/share/present like a nervous first timer. You know what it is? I've been visting NewGrounds for almost a decade now. I was visiting this place daily when Scrotum the Puppy & those stupid Sloth videos were the hottest shit in town ("hottest shit" is a technical unit of measurment in this context). It just feels weird to be putting my stuff out there on it. Yeah, it's goofy fan art and it's not like NG is stopping me (yet) but...bah. I'm just super amused at how much trouble I'm having picking stuff to share. So weird.

PS: (Thanks JakBaronKing for answering all sorts of Noobian questions and telling me about the Art Portal. I totally must have been looking the otherway when that thing debuted.)