Entry #1

I feel like its the first time all over again..

2010-02-20 20:54:51 by RatsInTheWall

Seriously. It's totally weird to be uploading art to the Art Portal (sort of, if I understand how it works correctly). I mean, I've thrown myself out on the internet for like 6 years now. It pays my rent. And STILL I'm having a hard time figuring out what to upload/share/present like a nervous first timer. You know what it is? I've been visting NewGrounds for almost a decade now. I was visiting this place daily when Scrotum the Puppy & those stupid Sloth videos were the hottest shit in town ("hottest shit" is a technical unit of measurment in this context). It just feels weird to be putting my stuff out there on it. Yeah, it's goofy fan art and it's not like NG is stopping me (yet) but...bah. I'm just super amused at how much trouble I'm having picking stuff to share. So weird.

PS: (Thanks JakBaronKing for answering all sorts of Noobian questions and telling me about the Art Portal. I totally must have been looking the otherway when that thing debuted.)


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2010-02-21 17:39:12

Sup Jared? I still have your business card.

RatsInTheWall responds:

Doing pretty good...having weird flashbacks reading some of the comments folks are leaving me. Not good or bad, but weird.
And Yes, I still have that business card of someone else that you gave me so that we'd both feel cool about having business cards.

PS: You and I would make hideous, hideous children together. Just saying.


2010-02-21 17:54:50

Dibs on not being the one to give birth!

RatsInTheWall responds:

But doeseth not our most holy book say "Blessed is he who doth both pitcheth & receive the Lord"? Don't you want our child to grow up in a morally responsible household?

By the by, I actually wrote to that girl whose card you gave me when I got back to Berlin as part of my "write back to everyone I met" during my big USA vacation. She was, to put it mildly, severely worried and confused.

PS: In this context above, I get to be the Lord.


2010-02-28 21:18:27

Write another review in your Head Injury Theater website.
*cocks gun*
Do it.